Have you ever wondered if your brand is really human?

73% of consumers would not mind that the vast majority of brands would disappear from the face of the earth. To be honest with you, people do not like spam advertising, they avoid it at any cost.

Why do people (and not all of them) are willing to interrumpt in the middle of the movie or pause the music video to iMessage or text back? They are willing to do so even to check Social Media notifications. The answer is simple: people do things for people, people do not do things for brands, because they do not perceive them as people .

Does this have a solution? Yes … (Keep reading: D)

The first thing to learn is that a brand is not a logo, a color, a slogan, a spot or a profile on Facebook. It is above all what the people behind it say, do and think. Far from being a robot, every brand should aspire to be a living organism.

If you really want to survive, your brand has to learn to be more human.

To build a more human brand, it is necessary to learn about human behavior.

Find what your brand and audience have in common.

Would you be friends with someone with whom you have nothing in common? Exactly the same goes for brands and people. If we want to build successful brands we must abandon the world of brands and invade the world of people learning from every step we take.

If you want to know more about how to humanize your brand, do not hesitate to enter this link.