Everything you need to know to make you audience fall in love with your brand.

Before I start I have a couple of bad news to tell you: one is bad and the other one is very very bad news. Which one do you want to start with? Well … let’s start with the not-so-bad.


People hate advertising. For a long time we have abused the trust of our audience and this has brought us serious consequences. People are muting us.

Here are some numbers: 9 out of 10 marketers will produce much more content this year than they did in 2015.

This means that this year we will produce more content than last year and we are going for more.

Did you read that article where we commented that people would not care if a large number of brands disappeared? (No? Well here we link you)

Which brings us to the second bad, very bad, news:


We’re smeared up to the neck a lot of useless content and people are starting to clean their accounts to be left alone with the brand content that really is relevant to them; and are right to do so, our audience demands content of quality and not quantity.

They are tired of the ads that interrupt their movie, and the windows that jump in the middle of the video they are watching or the article they are reading, or pathetic ads that are promoted on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Your audience is on the lookout for premium content, yes like prime beef.

The secret to make your audience fall in love with your brand is by creating “Brand Content for First”

What does a “Content of First” mean?

It´s content known famously for being produced intelligently, that is useful and at the same time is entertaining and that according to your audience is worth following.

Let’s take a look:

  • When we say “famous”: We mean that not only is known, but everyone wants to know about it.

  • “Produced intelligently”: It is content based on research and transcends the obvious.

  • “Useful”: Your content must serve your audience and respond to a need.

  • “Entertaining”: It does not have to be a meme, it must be easy to understand and keeo up with, which maintains the attitude and energy that represents your brand.

  • “It is worth following”: That even the smallest posts is worthy of being seen by the eye of your audience, do not underestimate your spaces, take them all.

You must be saying, OK, I already understood what it is … But where do I get that Premium Content?

Follow these 6 basic principles and you will get them to fall in love with you:

1) Learn to think like your audience.

  • It all begins with the challenges, needs, prejudices and interests of your audience, learn to listen to them. If you need a guide, find ours here

2) Become the leader (follow leader leader leader (8) sorry, we could not resist)

  • Find your conversation center, identify which topics you know best and that will make all your audience interested in really knowing.

3) Think strategically.

  • The insulated pieces lead nowhere, they are dead ends. Build some highways and connections between your content, learn to use Inbound Marketing to your advantage.

4) Mentalize your goal.

  • Creating branded content is like running a marathon, you increase your strength little by little until you reach your goal.

5) Be passionate.

  • If you are not interested in what you write or produce, no one else will. Write something that is worth reading. Do you want to learn to write better? Read our tips.

6) Pressure yourself to get the best.

  • You will know when you are slacking, so stop fooling around and get your hands to work.

No top content is made by itself. We already know that you must be skeptical saying: “Aha … And how will I know that what I am doing is a base on a “Premium Content” strategy?

If your content is premium-rate you will not have to worry about lack of audience, you will quickly begin to see how your indicators are triggered. Why? Well, because real people are liking what you’re doing and they’ll share it with someone who might really care.

The love you will feel from them to your brand will multiply and everyone will be happy: You will love the results of your brand, your audience will love your brand for the Premium content and we will love that everything you do has a happy ending.

But your story is just beginning, the first thing to do is stop creating meaningless content, roll up your sleeves (redundant lol) and begin to bring to light what really interests your audience.

Believe us, it will be worth it.