Cervecería Polar, the most important brewery in Venezuela required support in their campaign "#PairItWithPolar".

They presented to us the idea of developing a Blog that had to answer three key concepts:

• Introduce readers into the world of beer as a culture.
• Present stories and experiences of beer consumption with food in various places and occasions.
• Present the blog readers the spectrum of beer choices with their meals.

Here at Playful as beer lovers, we could not resist the idea of working on a project that involved web development , UX and our favorite drink and fulfill these concepts for the brand.

The Blog #PairItWithPolar

There were 5 thematic axes, and each section should be presented in a friendly way, to make an enjoyable and constant reading:

Texts referring to experiences in restaurants and other establishments that point the most relevant attributes of each place and the options they to pair your meals with beer.
For example: Restaurant reviews, Chinese restaurants and / or Areperas.

Brewery enjoyment:
Posts focused on the consumption of beer in different places and times. Ideas as to where is most enjoyable to have a beer: Savoring a beer at home, social gatherings, vacations, sport events and others. For example: How to combine beer with spicy food.

Brewing culture:
All information concerning beer as a drink was grouped into this category: From brewing process, history, brewers, properties, composition to responsible consumption. This type of content promoted knowledge about the drink. Example: How beer should be served.

Pairing of the week:
Short description of a dish that can be paired with a specific type of beer. The selection of these dishes will come from: recommendations the interviewees, specialties from the redtaurants that were reviewed, suggestions from the community, the writing team fro. The blog.

Interviews will be conducted by chefs, personalities linked to gastronomy and other characters of interest. The interview will discuss your relationship with beer, as well as the relationship with food. As far as possible, the interviewees will talk about a change of habit that includes how the beer goes well with the taste of food and will propose ideas of dishes to make.