The FITRIP team challenged us to make every runner who participated in a race in Caracas City be interested in downloading the app.

Fitrip with their mobile application wanted to redefine how to explore cities, along with the physical activity of the corridor, having audiorutes that would guide the explorer around his city, career or place that he visited.

Founded by Jose Miguel Reyes, Alejandra Da Costa and Bibiana Pérez, this App is an idea that became a Startup recently chosen by Wayra Venezuela to participate in its 2014 acceleration program. The application is available for iOS and Android.

Our strategy was to reproduce the exercise routine of our audience, we took note of what they did, where they trained, how they trained and created our routine and we went running with them.

We motivated them to run more, to reach a new goal and we began to add followers. We set ourselves a goal and we achieve it.

People ran using our app, talked to the brand and invited us to new careers.

We had succeeded, we were one more runner among our community.