Cataflam Emulgel

In Venezuela there is a legislation that restricts the communication of drugs and drugs to all socioeconomic levels.

Cataflam Emulgel is an over the counter medicine from Novartis, a global healthcare company. They invited us to generate a creative and strategic communication campaing to send a message of precausion and comfort to all Venezuelans through their ”Up to Speed Mothers” social media networks.

Our challenge was on the table: How can we create a dynamic and comprehensive communication with a community of women, not mentioning the brand, and just as well for them making feel accompanied and cared for?

Investigating, one fact caught our attention: “A friend who is prepared for any situation, will always be the first choice where a woman will turn to”.

Our goal then was to: making our account speak like that friend, develop a close bond between that “Up to speed and genuine friend” always prepared for any eventuality.

Doing a detailed review of Blogs, digital magazines and social networks that spoke to our target, we discovered four pillars of communication, where we would outline our strategy for content development.

Our account had to be expert in 4 key topics of conversation:

  • Daily news.
  • Fashion
  • Sexology
  • Wellness