Now that you know know what it is to humanize a brand, here’s where we tell you how to get it done.

EMPATHY is the word we should start this and will rule it all.

Your brand must understand how your audience train of thoughs, know their lifestyle and values ​​to create a common intrest with you community, find a fertile ground of differentiation with your competition and define a valueable strategy for your audience that generates benefits to the society that can be implemented year after year.

Your goal is to create stable relationships. This is a very profitable road that creates emotional bonds, requires less effort and is not perishable. Cases of success do not stop adding up. Brands like Dove, Moritz, Red Bull, Chipotle, Patagonia and other love marks are pioneers in humanizing their brands follow the following 4 principles of humanization.

1. Generate loyal customers.

To get loyal customers, a company must first show a freindly, concern and committed attitude. If you take good care of you audience not only you will they be loyal in return, but good treatment can generate passionate advocates who will recommend your company, and be ambassadors of your brand.

2. No hidden agenda.

This means that building a strategy to generate strong and steady relationships that attract and maintain customers should always put their interests and needs first instead of your business intrest.

3. Offer your consumers some benefit

Lately e-commerces reigns discounts strategies. This will not make you generate a loyal squad of customers. Although we are not saying this strategy does not bring something to the table, remember you goal is to create a community of consumers related to your brand, discounts not necessarily generate that type of audience.

4. Show the team working behind your brand.

Today brands are judged by the team rowing the boat behind it, especially its CEO. Leaders have to get out of the shadows. Customers want to meet your team and above all, to meet you. Personalizing your brand is a way to get closer to your audience.