Throughout October, breast cancer awareness month is celebrated globally, a month where brands and personalities communicate the advantages of having a self-examination as a method to rule out the presence of cancer cells in your breasts and therefor generate awareness of the risks of this disease, teaching the community that touching and knowing your own body is a live saving behavior.

The problem is that 65% of women do not know the breast self-examination and the advantages that this method can have in the early detection of breast cancer.

Then we asked ourselves a question: How can we make more women explore and touch their bodies? Investigating we discovered that more than 60% of the users connect daily to Instagram, which makes it the second network with more engagement after Facebook.

That so, more people are touching their screen in Instagram than in any other application and in addition, 68% of Instagram users are women

Based on this, we come to devise the following strategy:


We learned about the possibilities that the social network offered us and tried to think out of the box.

The research allowed us to find the most common cancer cells to be diagnosed, which helped us to imagine the possibility that these cells were the channel of our message for the women who managed to find them.

So we put our breasts into action and during the month of October, we published a series of boobs that incited our audience to get to work.

The user in doing so, found our cell hidden in a Hashtag.

So we showed women the importance of touching and how it can prevent this disease , and it’s of course more useful than just doing scrolldown #NoFearToTouch.